Sosial media

Good or bad?  Easy or not?  We use it anyway, don’t we?

Keeping up with the rest of the world is getting more important each day. It is about 2.3 billion active social media users chatting, liking, commenting and scrolling through their phone. Social media is various online communication platforms. A large group of people uses this to share information, ideas, messages, videos and other content.

Snapchat is a very popular app were you are able to send and receive pictures, videos and messages, either in a group or to only one person. When Snapchat launched in 2011 a picture in 10 seconds were all you could get. However, since then Snapchat has improved constantly. Now you are able to play the snap over again an extra time, and you can take a screenshot. A screenshot will save the picture on your phone as long as you want to. You can also use the function “my story”. If so, all of your Snapchat friends can see it.

This app is used equally among teens, parents and grandparents. It is an easy and fast way to communicate. It seems that because of the short time limit when the picture is showing, it feels easier to use Snapchat than posting a picture on Facebook. Even though this is a good thing in many ways, there are bad sides too. A known problem is young teens that are sending pictures of themselves with no clothes on, or in other awkward situations, for example when they are drunk. When they send it, they don’t think about the consequences.

However, Snapchat is a big social medium and 158 million people are using it daily. Snapchat has many positive features. You are able to share pictures without worrying about likes and comments. If you want to, you can show of your life to everyone you know even though they live on the other side of the world. This app is easy to use, and easy to learn.

About 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute to a social medium called YouTube. Out of this there is 2.35 billion hours watched every month. YouTube launched in 2005 and since then let us discover, watch and create our own videos.  This is a forum made for contact across the world. This lets people get inspired by  themselves and others. If you make your own YouTube account, you get the most out of the medium. Then you are able to save videos, like and comment on them. In this way, you get in contact with the rest of the world. The positive things about this medium is that you can choose your entertainment. If you want to get new knowledge about history, you can get that. On the other hand, if you want light entertainment you can search for videos with humor or something that interests you. The negative thing about YouTube is videos that is uploaded against the will of others. Examples of this could be private videos; crime, rape and death are often uploaded without permission. This lead to cyber bullying or physical harassment. YouTube is user friendly. It is easy to find out how you search and find new videos. It is almost too easy. If you aren’t careful you can  get exposed to pictures they shouldn’t see, or want to see.

YouTube is a great social medium were most people check by now and then. Whether you like Barbie, listening to music, learning about history or watching a funny video about a cat, it fits everyone!

Bilderesultat for facebook logo                  Bilderesultat for snapchat            Bilderesultat for youtube logoBilderesultat for instagram log

Mark Zuckerberg was a student on Harvard University. He wanted to make a website for himself and other students so that they could share pictures of each other. This idea got bigger than he expected. By now, about 1.71 billion people in the world use Facebook every day. Every second there are six new profiles made. This website has become so much a part of people’s lives that you can get to know them just by checking their timeline. Relationship status, pictures, friends and phone number are just a few of many things you can search for on a person’s personal page. In many ways, Facebook is a useful appliance in an everyday life. You are able to maintain contact with family and friends at any time. A lot of people also use Facebook as a way to get in contact with new friends that often are more like-minded. Facebook let you publish as many “statuses” as you want to. Here you can show your friends and the rest of the world which point of view you have on things. The negative sides about this big social medium are actually growing and not easy to get away with. The most known problem maybe is cyber bullying. Especially among young users, this is difficult. They do not see the consequences and use the internet to threat others. Sadly, grown-ups do the same in many situations. Since you are able to get the information you want just by checking a Facebook profile, stalking has also gotten a big problem. Grown up men using Facebook to connect to younger kids. This has resulted in sexual assaults.

However, Facebook has an age limit of 13 years old. There are people of all ages using the website. This has to mean something. The user friendliness isn’t that bad. It is easy to chat and get in contact with people, and that’s what it is for, isn’t it?

Instagram is another social networking app. It is used for posting mainly pictures and videos. Instagram has also gotten a messenger function. Now you are able to share content in group chats or with a friend. At most social media, you have to make an account to log in. This castrates to Instagram too. This profile lets you post from your own camera roll. Adding filters and editing what you’re posting is a part of this. Follow others, and they will follow you. Then you’ll get their posts in your news feed. This makes you able to comment and like on your friend’s and celebrity’s photos and videos. The goods about this app is the communication you can get out of it. It is an easy way to show your followers what you are up to. The negative site of this app is what is posted. There are many people out in the world that does not think consequences like those that I have mentioned earlier. Let’s say that someone posts a photo from the beach vacation they went to. Everyone who sees the picture can screenshot it. This means that they saved your photo, and are able to do what they want with it. Often pictures are abused this way, and can happen on any app or website.

There are about 400 million monthly active users on Instagram. Out of this there is 80 million photos uploaded every day. The most instagrammed photo is pizza, followed by sushi and steak.

Bilderesultat for sosiale medier

As I have mentioned several times, there are both goods and bads about social mediums. If you use it carefully it shouldn’t be any problems. You could actually benefit greatly from it. A lot of newspapers and other information platforms are reaching out through social mediums. You will get information fast. I am one of the daily users of many of these apps and websites. I like their different functions in all ways. I communicate with my friends and family all day long and think it is very useful.



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